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our mission

It’s our mission to make organisations better by using their own “oil” – the data generated by their employees, customers, suppliers and processes.


Meta Business Systems is focused on helping organisations achieve superior performance by providing innovative solutions for their data management needs. We are experts in extracting, cleansing, amalgamating and brokering data from various sources. After we've done that all data is stored in data repository (data lake) where it's easily accessible to business professionals from various parts of an organisation. We also perform data auditing services, thus providing assurance to the business units that are working with reliable sources of information.


We work with our clients to identify business areas where Machine Learning can add business value, help with creating models of the business processes and, subsequently, implementing the trained solution in production. In every Machine Learning engagement there are 3 types of expertise needed: Mathematics/Statistics, Computer Science, Subject Matter Knowledge. Our experts provide the first 2 skills, our clients provide the Subject Matter expertise.


Our consulting engagements are always linked to tangible outcomes. And, our incentive structure reflects the need for customers to achieve measurable results from our involvement.

About Us

we offer a personal approach to data management and business improvement

We are a worldwide consulting institution focused on helping our clients derive business value from the data within their organisations.

“Data is the new oil” and our objective is to bring it to business professionals and make it easy for them to apply their business nous in using it.

We work very closely with the Government, Higher Education and Financial Services sectors where the majority of our clients are from.

Our clients