CorpEye-P™ – Purchasing Process Control


The Expenditure cycle is one of the highest risk areas in a typical organisation. It accounts for 22.3% of fraud cases, with a median loss of $100,000, according to Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). While protected by a number of automated controls, it is still prone to human mistakes, errors in processes and fraud.


The key features of CorpEye-P™ are:

  • Preventive focus – potential errors are identified and managed as close as possible to time of occurrence, leading to better prevention and/or recovery
  • Heuristic matching – multiple criteria and checks are applied to filter out irrelevant transactions, i.e. false-positives, and leave the most likely true-positives, missed by standard controls
  • Purpose-built workflow – CorpEye-P™ “remembers” transactions that have been identified and fixed, thus eliminating redundant effort, e.g. checking the same exception multiple times
  • Full automation – CorpEye-P™ is scheduled to run automatically according to organisational needs, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, etc. After each run, identified irregularities are available immediately for analysis and action.
  • Relevancy score – CorpEye-P™ assigns a score to each transaction, allowing responsible officers to focus first on cases requiring most attention.

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