Bagheera-S™ – Multi-process Control Appliance

“Out of the box” Bagheera-S™ covers the following cycles within an organisation:

  • Financial Reporting/General Ledger
  • HR/Payroll
  • Expenditure
  • Revenue

Because if its modular architecture, Bagheera-S™ is easily extendable to cover additional processes, as business needs are identified.

Benefits at a glance:

Cost reduction – a typical organisation loses 5% of its revenue to fraud each year. Various types of occupational fraud occur over a median period of 18 months, and in the case of Payroll up to 36 months, before detection. Bagheera-S™ uncovers misconduct and allows it to be stopped on time

Revenue protection – Bagheera-S™ monitors revenue streams and will identify any losses early. For example, discounts that are no longer applicable will be found at the next billing cycle

Improved productivity – junior staff can, after 1 day of training, execute full control activities over various processes. For example, in one organisation final year students perform Payroll monitoring as part of their work experience

Reduced regulatory costs – Bagheera-S™ reduces the scope and cost of work to be performed by external regulators, auditors, Government bodies and similar parties

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